I offer some snapshots of my practice as waypoint markers on my journey.

Site specificity is important in my work because it is my innate connection to the land that fuels the documentation of my journeys. This artistic visualisation of my multisensory observations as I wander through the country becomes the images you can view here and now.

By visualising my meanderings from multiple viewpoints both spatially and metaphorically, I explore concepts of connection to land and place, sustainability, ‘being’ and survival.

I am a Western Australian artist peregrinating and exploring in image, textiles and object.

See http://garlandmag.com/article/nature-craft/ or http://waftatwentyoneplus.com.au/ for current online group exhibitions and catalogues in which some of my work is included, along with my first solo exhibition meeting place.

Published paper is now available online: http://acuads.com.au/conference/article/talking-country/

Annette Nykiel






Placemap 2017, Hand plied, plant dyed string,
and hand crafted ceramic beads. Photo Annette Nykiel.



















Panspermia (2018), Dyed and undyed string plied from recycled cotton or silk threads. Photo Annette Nykiel. (left)

Engaewa spp. chimney structure 2017, hand plied and hand dyed string. Photo Annette Nykiel. (right)






The Pit (2018), Hand dyed re-purposed sample bags, 3.5m x 8.5m Photo Annette Nykiel.










The Camp (2018), Mixed media, 2.5m x 0.3m. Photo Annette Nykiel.